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Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation Attorneys for Natick Families

Our Estate Planning Group provides comprehensive counseling to individuals and business in Natick, Massachusetts on all aspects of estate planning, including multi-generational estate and tax planning, wealth preservation, asset protection, business succession planning, and all related legal matters.

By using sophisticated estate planning and wealth preservation techniques, our Natick estate planning attorneys assist individuals and families, executives and small business owners to preserve and protect their assets, tailoring our plans to meet each client’s objectives. We also create tax-qualified charitable trusts and private foundations to assist our clients in advancing their philanthropic goals.

We Assist Natick Businesses with Estate Planning Issues

We counsel our business clients to integrate their business and estate planning objectives, to deal with issues of business control, succession and liquidity and to establish a cohesive plan to minimize estate and income taxes.

We assist clients in transferring businesses to appropriate family members and utilize gifting techniques which take advantage of favorable discounted tax values and which permit the freezing of business values for estate tax purposes.

Our Attorneys Are Experienced With Helping Natick Families with Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Ever concerned with our clients' futures, we help them to implement living trusts, wills, insurance trusts, multi-generational(dynasty) trusts, family partnerships, limited liability companies, personal residence trusts, charitable trusts and other estate planning documents. Our Natick estate planning lawyers use retirement plan trusts for qualified retirement benefits and IRAs, which provide options for conduit trusts and accumulation trusts.

Our lawyers have lectured nationally on estate and tax planning topics and have co-authored treatises for lawyers and the public on estate planning subjects.

Our Natick estate planning lawyers implement spousal access trusts that provide protection and avoidance of estate taxes and intentionally defective trusts to argument clients’ planning objectives and domestic asset protection trusts in appropriate states.

When appropriate, we favor the creation of beneficiary controlled trusts whereby responsible beneficiaries have individual trusts that can be accessed for their needs while providing creditor and spousal protection to the extent permitted by law and avoidance of estate tax for generations and which give the beneficiary the flexibility to rewrite the trust for future generations.

We Help You Fulfill Your Charitable Intent

Our Natick estate planning lawyers assist clients in structuring and implementing life-time gift strategies, including charitable giving strategies to reduce income and estate taxes. In many cases, we act as co-trustees for our clients, advising them on all aspects of trust administration.

We Help Natick Families with Special Needs

We work with clients facing particularly difficult situations, such as those affecting seniors with dementia or children with special needs.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your estate planning needs at either of our Framingham or our Newton office. We will be pleased to assist you with the care and dedication on which our reputation is built. Call us for a free consultation with our experienced Natick estate planning attorneys today.

Contact An Natick Estate Planning Attorney for a Free Consultation

Your estate plan can bring you peace of mind knowing that your wishes for your family will be fulfilled after your death. A Natick estate planning attorney can help to protect you and your family from creditors and liabilities resulting from failures to plan ahead.

At Rubin Hay PC, our estate planning lawyers are dedicated to understand our clients’ wishes for their families and making those desires into realities. Our guidance for our clients’ estate plans are tailored to reflect their personal goals and needs. The Natick estate planning attorneys at Rubin Hay PC can help protect your assets and your family.

Also, many of you may wonder if you need to pay estate taxes. What happens to your joint property and separate property if you or your spouse dies? These are estate and trust administration issues that the experienced attorneys at Rubin Hay PC.

Estate Planning Documents We Create:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Living Wills and Health Care Directives
  • Revocable Lviing Trusts
  • Durable Power of Attorneys

We Are Asset Protection Attorneys

As part of our estate planning services, we also offer asset protection strategies for individuals and business owners. For more information, see our asset protection page or schedule a free consultation with one of our our Natick asset protection attorneys today.

Contact A Natick Trust Attorney for Your Estate Planning Needs

Revocable living trusts are excellent estate planning tools because they allow you to manage your properties for the benefit of our family or other beneficiaries even after your death or disability. Rubin Hay PC can help you create your living trust so that you are able to control how your properties are used by your children to prevent them from squandering their assets.

There are two kinds of trusts:

  • Testamentary Trusts are incorporated directly into a will.
  • Living Trusts take effect while you are still alive.

Irrevocable trusts can also be used to meet different objectives; for example, to protect assets from being misused or to protect your assets during your disability.

Our Natick estate planning attorneys can help with the planning and maintenance of all types of trusts.

Contact us by email at Info@rubinhay.com or call us @ 508.416.6491

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